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GTA 4 ENB SERIES This is the web site where you can get all the info. abt. he gta 4 and eflc enbseries. Wednesday, April 11, 2012 Grand Theft Auto 4 ENB By GIONIGHT Gionight enb is edited by himself for best look with lots of tweak.

GTA 4 GTA IV - PC - Too dark at night Yeah that's way too tedious. Searching online it seems this is a popular problem with Patch 7. If you really want to stick with Patch 7 (I do because I like to have a consistent look between IV and EFLC) find an ENB mod that uses dax1's fix. It enables AO and Skylighting for Patch 7, and if the mod is using v 0.163 that's an added bonus since.

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Dec 4, 2012 I am pleased to announce and deliver my second ENB Mod for GTA IV Standalone. New police lights. Police lights not to bright.

  1. So I installed an ENB to be able to have better visuals (below) and I couldnt start the game, so I deleted Modern IV 2015 ENB enbseries.ini .

  2. I'm using iCEnchancer 2.1 on GTA IV as well as EFLC latest version and when there isn't a light source at night like a street light or lamp post, the environment is basically pitch dark. Day-time is fine and not too bright but at night, I can't even see the character if I stray.

  3. Hi, i decided to go back playing GTA IV, after i was pretty much got bored of i go to the enbseries configuration folder, and change the settings to BUT. there are some VERY dark sections where you can't see much with .

Skyrim with enb too dark at night - posted in Skyrim Mod Talk: Hello, I use the "ENBSeries-Mod" by Boris Vorontsov Tatsudoshi use with the following values in the same enbseries.ini. The problem is that I'm too dark with my Monitor "Belinea 1975 S1" (TFT) at night. The funny thing is, when my buddy with a CRT monitor is the same night.

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maybe someone can help with this. I have an enb, and all white coloured things are too bright, and all black or dark coloured things.

EDIT: It's too dark as I have set the brightness to 0%, next time it would be more clear, and Download link and settings coming soon! Category Entertainment.