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She took 79 damage regardless where I hit her, so no, there's no extra damage for Skyrim has no concept of location-amplified damage.Was ist Locational Damage? Locationa l Damage ermöglicht es nun in Skyrim mit einer geringen Chance Effekte beim Gegner hervorzurufen. Verschiedene Körperzonen rufen verschiedene Effekte hervor.Sometimes in my game, I can get a critical attack that does more damage than a normal one, its somewhat random though. I can shoot them in the face one time and get normal damage then do it again and get a critical attack.It is done in a far different way from the original locational damage mod. I think this one takes the differences between the position of the head and the camera position to calculate when you get a headshot, while locational damage deals with more advanced angles.Jan 25, 2018 Basic Location Damage [ Requirements ] Skyrim or later. SKSE 1.7.3 or later [ Description ] Adds a lightweight angle & positional .Mar 28, 2013 Ever wanted locational damage in Skyrim? This mod includes effects and damages based on the body part you hit. Current version:.New locational damage mod of SKSE plugin format by Felisky (mod author of Floating Damage/ Equipment Durability System) Comes.Locational Damage. This mod integrates locational damage in Skyrim. Don't forget to endorse and to comment if you like it! It keeps me motivated.Duel v7(hardcore) has localization damage. Stagger when hitting legs, pretty much instant death for an unarmored head shot. Bows are especially dangerous.Oct 21, 2018 Locational Damage(SKSE Plugin). Endorsements. 844. Unique DLs. 15,262. Total DLs. 24,438. Total views. 82,060. Version. 1.2.3. Download .Released less than a week ago. It draws a triangle between you and your target and does .Locational Damage is a combat mod designed for the use with other combat mods to add an additional layer of depth and strategy to combat, supporting a more realism orientated playstyle.It is always a really lovely idea to have a choice of oneshot a Thalmor with a headshot or bleed him out slowly by dancing a blade allover.Ini's tweak settings suggest that the locational damage system of the mod can also work on NPC-PC (OP confirmed in the game) and NPC-NPC .About this mod. This mod makes it possible to do extra damage and knockdown etc. effect depending on the body part when the attack hits the actor.I recently built a new 'ultra hard core' load order around Requiem, and I am highly considering adding Locational Damage to that line up. While I love the way combat feels, I do still feel it happens a little slow for how fastly stamina drains.

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