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Rogue leveling is fast, fun, and easy, no matter which flavor of Rogue you are. Here you'll find builds, tips, and "how to" on getting leveled quickly.

This guide lists all the major Priest sets that can be used for Transmogrification. It also gives pointers to obtain less known.

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Guides to all class specializations for Battle for Azeroth (BFA) including recommended talent builds, optimal rotations and abilities, gear and stat priorities.

  1. Priest leveling in the World of Warcraft Legion is easy, esp. with Shadow. Why? They're the Sith Lords of leveling. Here's.

  2. Jul 11, 2018 Priest abilities are abilities that priests use. The three priest specializations are Discipline (Healer), Holy (Healer) [Shadow Word: Pain].

  3. Aug 13, 2018 The WoW Priest leveling guide recommends the best leveling spec and At Level 3, you will automatically get Shadow Word: Pain which .

A guide to optimizing your DPS as a Shadow Priest in Raids and instances in the Warlords of For all the rest of the Priest changes see our Priests in WoD post. looking for advice on leveling your Priest, check out our Priest Leveling Guide.

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Shadow Priest Shadow Talents Shadow Priest Leveling Build Shadow Word: Void: An additional blast, with three charges.