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Welcome to Marriland's Pokemon HeartGold WEDLOCKE, which is a Nuzlocke variant (see description for a link to the rules). In this episode, Legs and Turnip explore Goldenrod City, picking.Marriland here! A while ago, I started up a small Pokémon website as a hobby, and it eventually grew into one of the largest Pokémon websites out there. Then I got into YouTube and created videos that were viewed by tons of people all around the world.

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HeartGold / SoulSilver Red / Blue / Yellow Guides Advanced Breeding Guide Basic Breeding Guide How to EV Train Mew Glitch (Gen I) Forums Community Contributions Forum Updates Members New Content Official Discord Rules Events Azuricast Azurilland Plays Azurilland Top Fives Game of the Month Monthly Art Contest Signature of the Month Staff Giveaways.The level 65 Magikarp in Episode 46 of HeartGold Wedlocke. Marriland himself sounds like he's laughing so hard, it hurts. All of Part 10 of the Black Wedlocke becomes one through Alternative Character Interpretation. Since he just killed one of Marriland's Pokemon, Marriland tells him to go "hoop" himself.

  1. I believe this is all happening for a reason. This episode is just training + music, only for "teh proofz.".On a similar note, Episode 31 of the Heartgold Wedlocke, "One Last Dance!" Marriland loses almost his entire team. Part 44 of the Heartgold Wedlocke sees Cauliflour the Dewgong, one of Marilland's original Hall of Fame heroes, die in probably the most unexpected and undignified way imaginable.

  2. Play and Listen welcome to marrilands pokemon heartgold wedlocke which is a nuzlocke variant see description for a link to the rules in this episode legs and turnip Pokemon HeartGold Wedlocke, Part 10: Watering Cans are Dangerous!.Sign in now to see your channels and recommendations! Sign in. Watch Queue Queue.

  3. For Pokemon Black Version 2 on the DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Marriland starts a Pokemon Heartgold "Wedlocke"".Marriland's Pokemon HeartGold Wedlocke - Playlist. Marriland. 10:17 Pokemon Wedlocke Challenge Rules (Nuzlocke Variant) 49:11 Pokemon HeartGold Wedlocke, Part 01: An Arm and a Leg! View full playlist (67 videos) 55 videos Play all Play now; Marriland's Pokémon Platinum.